Netanyahu is not welcome in Cyprus – No alliance with the murderers of Palestinian people

Right wing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to Cyprus for an official visit on February 16th. His visit is a challenge to every democrat in this country who does not forget that the blood of hundreds of innocent Palestinians drips from Netanyahu’s hands.

Netanyahu’s government and the Israeli state in general continue to murder, arrest and torturing innocent Palestinians. They escalate Israeli settlement building on the occupied West Bank, while Palestinians are still being evicted from their homes and the siege of Gaza continues.

The terrorist Israeli state escalates now the tensions with Iran while US and European Union show their tolerance and their support.

The axis between Greece, Cyprus and Israel is considered strategically important for the ruling class of these three countries to assert their interests. US support this axis since it suits their plans in the region. However this means in practice that Israel’s borders will extend up to Pafos and Piraeus. Moreover the alliance between Greece, Cyprus and Israel entails their entanglement in the fierce antagonisms in the region, and in effect leading to new wars and crimes.

It was not a long time ago when hundreds of Greek and Turkish Cypriots, Palestinian, Iraqi and Syrian demonstrators surrounded the Israeli and the US embassies chanting «No Blood for Oil», protesting against the attack of US and their allies on Iraq, on Afghanistan or protesting against the Israeli invasion in Lebanon, in Gaza or in the West Bank. Some of those who will roll out the red carpet to welcome and shake hands with Netanyahu were among us during those protests.

Unfortunately the secretiveness about the official program which came before Netanyahu’s visit has prevented us from staging on time an ‘alternative’ reception; a reception deservedly to Netanyahu’s criminal record and the terrorist state he represents.

However Greek and Turkish Cypriot activists together with Palestinian and Syrian activists we would like to condemn in the strongest terms the hypocrisy of the Cyprus Government and the ruling class who enter into geopolitical and military agreements for the sake of developing with the criminal Israeli state the gas deposits, discovered beneath the east Mediterranean Sea.

The slogan «NO BLOOD FOR OIL» is still well timed now that Cyprus can claim her own oil or gas deposits and especially in a period when the peoples in the Middle East have risen demanding their rights while Netanyahu threatens the region with a new blood bath.



Iran-Syria: No to imperialist interventions


Press Release by Initiative of Greek Cypriot, Turkish Cypriot, Palestinian and Syrian activists against the alliance between GREECE-CYPRUS-ISRAEL

Contact: Dinos Α. 99698503, Adi 99877387


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